Most wonderful person to chat with.
Check Kerstin for other meanings...
Kelly said: I drove my car against a wall, and I was like roflomfg
by Big89 November 23, 2007
The best girl ever to walk on this planet. She's cute, extremely talented, kind, caring,funny and just a great person to be around. Kelly can Brighten anyones day just with a smile.
Dude #1 : yo, whose that girl? She's really cool!

Dude #2: Thats Kelly, imma go ask her out but she's probably taken anyway.
by IWantMoneyInLargeAmounts March 25, 2009
second most common irish surname ever
his last names kelly he must be irish
by ceallaigh February 11, 2007
Warrior princess, so bow down. She demands respect, but gives it too. Face of an angel, kind, sexy, generous, fun loving beauty. Perfect features, gorgeous hair, white straight teeth, sparkling green eyes, round curvy ass. Every guy wants a Kelly. Every girl wants to be a Kelly. She has plenty of people to choose from and treats them all special. Never talks bad about others. Smart, fashionably dressed. Always a standout in a crowd. Mostly outgoing, sometimes shy, which can be mistaken for snooty, but isn't. Great business sense. It's great to be a Kelly.
I wish I were a Kelly. Everything goes her way.

It's a Kelly. (It's a wrap.)
by friend4alifetime February 04, 2010
An amazing girl who is on crew. She dedicates herself to so many things and she has the biggest heart in the world. She is also incredibly beautiful and my heart skips a beat every time I see her
Hey do you see that girl over there?

Yeah dude she's amazing
Yeah man she's a kelly
by astringedinstrumentisbeautiful November 11, 2009
uhm best friend everrr! hottest girl. BANGING. pretty damn sexy i must say.
ohh shitt. LOOK AT KELLYS ASS! it's pretty SEXY!
by nataliaa March 01, 2009
Kelly tend to be extremely happy people.Her happiness is contagious. sometimes on purpose.

Kelly likes hugs.

Kelly isnt all as soft as she may seem, she will stand up for what she beleives in, even if nobody else will.

She is a loyal person, and cannot stand sad people stying sad.

she has the most amazing friends ever, so amazing she sometimes think she doesnt desrve them. but of course those amazing friends think they dont deserve kelly.

kelly is often sat on, and has been used as a human sheild. repeatedly.
Kelly's best feature is her smile. a kelly isnt a kelly without her smile.
person 1: kelly has been here.

person 2: *looks down hallway* hey she was there too!
by keylimepiecrust December 18, 2010
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