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Clarence "Kelly" Johnson.
Legendary Chief Research Engineer at Lockheed. This guy designed the p-38, the Connie, the f-80, the f-104, the U-2, the Blackbird.
Serious kick-ass genius this Kelly Johnson, not like the cocksucking Kelly Johnsosn bitches in this page...
These bitches dont deserve to be called Kelly Johnson
by Hugh G Rection February 17, 2005
Really nice person to be around. Doesn't take shit from anybody, and I love her, and she doesn't know it.
by gms13 May 12, 2009
A running joke from the Austin Powers films. Also generally really nice people, or 'worth having' friends
Look at the huge Kelly Johnson
I think I'm in love with Kelly Johnson
by Davemark1000 October 22, 2010
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