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You are a sweet, sensitive girl. You are shy at first, but when people get to know you, you are fun and crazy. You make friends will all types of people; and you have a caring, generous heart. You have a more creative way of thinking; and find joy, fun and laughter in simple things.
Kellina is a sweet, shy, caring, generous, fun, creative girl!
by Bo-Beana February 04, 2010
A sweet, nice, and awesome girl who is so much fun to be around! She is really funny, but can also have her dumb blond moments :D That doesn't matter because she is beautiful inside and out! Whenever your feeling down, you can always count on her to be there fore you. And she is always ready to have some laughs and be there for everyone! Is very easy to get along with and can become friends with her very easily. By far one of the best friends you will ever have!

Kellina is an irish dancer, and also a violist. She aspires to become a viola player, with her friend, also a viola player.
Kellina plays viola.
by Jefferson Joe May 30, 2011

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