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A stack or an anthill
Look at that keko that they imported from Finland!
by Kiderdaaawwwwwg January 07, 2011
There is a new "it" religion. it's called keko. if you like madonna and britney spears and celebrities, you like this. it's sexy and new and hip.. and it's a religion. we go to kwalarian and pray. rasberry paper is life, and so is work. we are cool people. we have a lickideee split symbol. jung thinks were awesome, and so should you.if you think your cool enough for us, well that's great, but chances are your not. we have hot boyfriends, often found playing the bells.
care to join? SEXYKEKO@aol.com yea baby
why is that girl so hot?
pshhh she's a keko, obviously broo

oh my g-d that girl has the best clothes ever and shes gorg!!!.. ughh she must be a keko
by Kekoooo November 09, 2005