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Yoshimori and Tokine are just your average kids who go to the same school together and they also happen to be neighbors. During the day they go their separate ways, but at night they both have to go protect the land of Karosumari. A job passed down to them from generations of Kekkaishi in both of their families. The families are 'rivaling' but the two of them get along just fine. At night Yoshimori and Tokine with their demon dogs Hakubi and Madarao, do their best to rid the land of evil. But everything isn't always so simple.
Kekkaishi comes on Adult Swim.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 28, 2010
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Five hundred years ago, a feudal lord was attacked by demons who wanted to retrieve his mysterious inner power to take over the human world. The famous mage Tokimori Hazama was called upon and, with his two students, managed to save the whole land. But they fell ill, and the feudal lord was killed. His power was also buried with him at a site called Karasumori.In the present day, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, heirs of the Hazama clan, are the kekkaishi that protect the land's power. They use a technique called Kekkai, a form of magical barrier, to capture and destroy Ayakashi (monsters/demons) that are drawn to this sacred land. Any demons that come near the power become stronger. Yoshimori and Tokine are to guard the land from the intrusion of Ayakashi.
Kekkaishi is an awesome manga that airs on Adult Swim every Saturday night at 12:30, Don't miss it.
by Cdog99 May 31, 2010

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