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Pretty girl with great head on shoulders, very dependable and also good looking :)
Wow that Keitha is some smart cookie
by omen rd February 04, 2010
Keitha is amazing, strong, independent, very organization, lovely, has a beautiful soul and takes nothing for granted, yes she might be a little of a clean freak but she can always put a smile on your face, if you are able to make a friend with a keitha i think that you should wait, because she could be the best friend/mom/couisn/brother or sister.........
"you are my sunshine Keitha"
"Keitha never change if you do i just might died"
"did i ever tell you Keitha that you are my everything?
by lover not figher January 23, 2012
Keitha other wise known as "milf" ( mother I would like to fuck) or cougar (older woman who preys on younger men sexually) Keitha's can be found in the strangest places, usually wearing something tight and revealing.
Katie: that Keitha was hot!
Marjorie: yeah what a milf...!
Dan: yeah she was hitting on me...
Andreas: that cougar!
by Wifey17 July 03, 2010
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