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A former hentai god who was first discovered on Dalnet by the infamous Plasticman, who was the hentai king of the Internet in the past. He collected a massive amount of hentai in a very short amount of time and instantly became a legend to many. Sadly, he disappeared for a moment or two, but long enough to lose his title as hentai god. However, he is still known as an original hentai legend. He has come back onto the IRC world, but as a new person. Although he doesn't indulge on hentai as much anymore, he still serves the community with a respectable amount of anime and hentai. Now with a life out of IRC, serving is just a hobby rather than an obsession.
Don_Bhan is KeitaroSempai's clone, and vice-versa.
by KS March 14, 2004

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