1. Noun: An underclassman in high school who has the uncanny ability to surround him or herself with Senior friends.
2. Noun: XD <-----that face.
1. He's such a keifer, it's going to suck leaving next year because of him.
2. Wipe that keifer off your face before I do it for you.
by illsinguntilifall March 16, 2009
Top Definition
Combination of Keif and reefer. Used among well informed potheads to refer to dank that gets its power from the the crystals/orange hairs/and fine resin particles (keif)that come off a kind bud. When smoked a very very intense high will ensue.

Not to be confused with Keith, which is a really fat joint, though the term probably originated from people somehow misusing Keith for Keif.
We smoked Keifer and then drove to Krystals for a bag of burgers.
by TheRightIsRight September 30, 2009
The coolest guy you could ever meet who is funny, smart, and very attractive but he is a player so watch out for him.
I wish that Keifer would notice me.
by Big man123 September 30, 2011
One who enjoys to scrutinize others, most often for good reason. Believes oneself to be superior to those who cannot follow common logic.
Colin took it upon himself to become a Keifer. He found it quite enjoyable thanks to his newfound sense of superiority.
by Dank Fayden December 30, 2014
Adjetive: Describes an amazing comeback.

Verb: The act of owning someone.
1. Dude, that comeback was totally keifer.
2. Man, when you said "shut up"...couldn't you have thought of something more keifer than that??

3. You totally keifered that guy in the face!
by nokyo-chan April 13, 2009
Keifer is often a person who is very rude and cocky. known also as a "queefer". He is mediocre at beer pong and most other drinking games. Gets girls sometimes, but mostly into drugs (meth). he always smells really bad.
whats that smell?
oh its a keifer (queefer)!!!!
by keifer stevenson December 12, 2014
a young boy who you made out with once or twice then he turns into your stalker that you can seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try
sue: do you remember the guy from the party?
meg:the one you made out with?
sue; yeah well he keeps texting me
meg; gosh hes such a keifer!
by funfun123 February 13, 2010
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