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Nosey, keeting, not minding your own buisness, staring, watching
Budge being a keet right now
by LordLengt June 24, 2016
1) add excitment or style
2) getting your drink on
3) having a good time
4) a hot chick
5) perfection
6) a state of mind

Originated in the city of Gaithersburg, a city in the state of Maryland which surrounds Washington DC.
"Hey Joe, these bitches are trying to get KEETED!!!"
"I'm soooo siced for Friday's party, KEET!!!!!!!!!"
"Let's do our laundry then get Keeted right after"
"damn that some keet richards shit"
by Keet Richards November 02, 2011
things that you make up when you are drunk and trying to force spinach down your brother's throat
those are some nice red keets
by Noosen November 29, 2007
Someone, usually a girl (though may look manly) who is a shallow, self centered, self pitying bitch. They are the kind of people who believe they are loved by everyone, when the simple reality of it is that nobody likes them, nobody thinks they're funny or good looking, and nobody has any idea why people put up with him or her, including themselves. Often screams for no reason, bites people, hits people, kicks people, hates people reasonlessly for a certain amount of time, only to turn back and pretend she or he didn't do anything and "love" them again. Resmbles a rabid dog. Acts like they are not easy and skanky, even though everyone knows they are. Hated. Despised. Worthless. Has Donkey teeth and a mule laugh, which they use to get people of the opposite gender (or same gender) to think they are better people than they really are.
"Sup dude?"
"Ugh, just saw a major Keets in the R building dumpster."
"What? Really?"
"Yeah. It was really bad. I think i'm going to have nightmares."
"Sucks for you, man. At least it was properly disposed of. Keets shouldn't exsist."
"I know."
by SilicaGel May 31, 2009
Short for parakeet (or sometimes lorikeet.) Keet is a slang word used by mostly bird breeders and by some pet owners for these small playful birds.
Keets sell for $10 and Tiels for $25.
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
A term expressing frustration or anger.
OH Keeta! It's keetin cold outside.
by Keeta April 29, 2005
1.) Noun: Shortened version of the word 'Keety' which is slang for 'Kitty' referring to Felis Catus the common house cat.

2.) Noun: pseudo-stoner speak (similar to the word 'Dude'), used by people from Massachusettes and Canada to gain one's attention over AOL instant messanger. see also Keetz0r.

3.) Noun: Short for the word 'Parakeet' or Budgerigar, referring to a type of bird people keep as pets.

4.) Verb: To steal. Se also. kife gank

5.) Noun: A tribal race of mutant spear-hunting anthromorphic jaguars! They live in the southeastern part of Nebraska and feed upon small children and various small fluffy animals.
1.) Don't forget to feed the keet!
2.) Keet! KEET KEET KEET KeEt keet
3.) Those damn keets are giving me a headache.
4.) Donovan! Did you keet my burrito?
5.) OH NO. The bloody keets ate my baby!
by Jake June 30, 2004
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