n. keeping "the game" honest, whatever the game may be.
Wanda tried to maintain her composure when the man insulted her, but she decided to Keep it real
by Missyfoosy November 24, 2004
What you claim to be doing when you are hauled off the Maury set for beating your common-law husband/cousin.
You don't know me! I'm just keepin' it real! You don't know me! I'm just keepin' it real! I'm just keepin' it real! I'M JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL!
by karensavestheday November 16, 2005
To be true to oneself; to rep for ones own hood.
Jamal was just keepin it real reppin' fo da 213.
by Loc-Dawwg November 25, 2002
A state of being. To Keep it Real is a transcendent quality that speaks to an essential truth devoid of stereotype, generalization and outside influence. To Keep it real is to be honest with others and is inclusive to those who practice it. Keepin' it real is the act of being "true" or "real" in all senses of the word. Not fake.
Danny asks "How you doin'?"

Frank, being true to his word, says "Keepin' it real. How are you doin'?"

Danny says "The same."
by KIR to the max December 22, 2011
(verb) the involuntary act of living a day to day struggle to survive. Living life with an eye toward survival with no pretention. Promoting or adopting a realist view toward day to day interactions with others.

See also Keepin it Gangsta, Bein real, real.
...Keepin it real packing steel, getting high, cuz life's a bitch and then you die.
--Nas "Life's a Bitch"
by El Nacote December 06, 2004

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