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1. A person who is on the 'look-out' for police or passengers when performing an illegal operation, usually standing outside.

2. A Local Ska-Punk band from missisauga, Ontario who has just released their 2007 debut studio album 'Uncensored'
Make sure to be Keepin' 6 while I go inside this guys house and pop a cap in his ass.

when you're smoking a fat blunt outside in public, always be keepin' 6 for popo's

Keepin' 6 are playing tonight in Brantford, let's skank the place up

Did you buy keepin' 6 new album? it's worth every penny.

by WhySoSerious1989 May 08, 2008
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An amazing ska/punk band based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Four guys that hate the cops just as much as you do and do as the name says; Keep Six.
I went to go see Keepin' 6 play tonight but the cops showed and ruined all the fun.
by Snapple612 November 02, 2007

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