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A perfect way to determine if someone is a neckbeard that never leaves the house, without even having to look for the beard or fedora.
"I didn't need to see him, he had a Keep Calm and Chive On sticker on his car, I knew he wouldn't use deodorant."
by DiscreetGuest October 06, 2013
A saying commonly used by frequent visitors to the website the Chive. Chivers, as they're commonly referred to, are known for their worship of actor Bill Murray, pictures of cats, and soft pornography. Keep Calm Chive On is usually abbreviated to KCCO.
"Did you get your shirt from the Chive that says 'Keep Calm and Chive On' yet?

"No, because they're always fucking sold out."
by Kiki X. Grammarstone July 17, 2013
Keep Calm and Chive On originated from the English slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On" used to boost morale before the start of WWII. In modern times, it has been used to promote companies, firearms freedoms and various internet memes.
by WhereTheWildThingsGrow November 25, 2013
keep calm and chive on -

It is a modification of the phrase Keep calm and carry on that was a saying in England saying from 1939 and still used their today so all the mentalist that say The chive invented it are wrong.
Miles- keep calm and chive on

Peter- no it keep calm and carry on
by A PersonWhoKnowWhatItRealMeans November 25, 2013
What my boyfriend does while taking a dump.
*Insert image of girl opening the door on Chive addicted boyfriend scrolling through app as he sits on toilet*
*Insert second image of girl reassuring him to "Keep Calm and Chive On!" while closing the door and running away*
by angeleux November 09, 2013
There is no true definition for Keep Calm And Chive On, but this is the best I have. It Is a phrase used when life is hard and there is nothing you can do about it but take the next step. It is like a cheer from a football team that everyone loves!
My house burned down during the storms while I was at the hospital getting chemo treatment for my cancer, just have to keep calm and chive on.
by Bub2627 July 18, 2013

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