When a masculine woman walks past you. When it is hard to tell if the girl is a guy or not.
Stay away from that girl she has a man's face I mean what a keely.
by Jca1290 January 31, 2009
A very lovely, nice, classy girl. Who everyone gets along with. Loves to party, but knows her limit. Makes friends, and is completely outgoing. She's always smiling from ear to ear, and has such a loving personality. She can make you laugh at your worst, and feel better in seconds. You should find a girl named Keely and maker her yours. Girls named Keely are the best kind of girls to have.
Keely, she's a great girl! You've got to meet her.
by Dr.Muns August 19, 2009
code name for killer kangaroo!
RUN!!! A Keely is coming!!
by keelyiscool December 11, 2006
A really outgoing spontaneous unique funny girl. different but in a good way. Always smiling or laughing. a BAMF and a very good shoulder to cry on. Always bouncy and happy. a very bubbly person!
"You're definitely one of a kind."
"Yep. I'm a Keely!"
by Anonymous1233 May 08, 2010
Gaelic translation for Godhla is Keely. Its a boy or a girls name. Meaning hansome one or if a girl Beuatiful one.
Can be used as name of a child. My beautiful baby Keely.
by Laugh loudly February 18, 2010
gaelic name meaning beautiful
Keely did in fact suit her name.
by MissHenryDavid August 17, 2008
she is fucking hot az hell i wanna fuck the shit outta her
by .......... October 10, 2003
keely (verb, intransitive): to upbraid a member of an online discussion forum for starting, or contributing to, a thread without first having checked that no similar thread, or contribution, exists elsewhere on the forum; frequently, but not always, accompanied by the posting of links to the earlier threads.
Orig.: early 21st century; a reference to a frequent contributor to a field hockey discussion forum
(1) "The moderator will keely you if you don't check your posts for repeated subject matter";
(2) "I was keelied by Redumpire today for starting yet another a thread on the 100,000th posting on the forum"; (3) "I think I'll keely Keely for starting her 15th thread on 'What stick shall I buy?'."
by Magpie FHF March 13, 2008

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