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A very handsome person; Has many talents and is very athletic; Strong funny personality; Very loving; Very protective; Strong sexual connection; Puts others before him; Strives for profection; Works hard; Doesn't give up; Smart; Great with kids; Overall a great person.
"Man I wish Keelen would just marry me."
by That guy 52 March 11, 2013
Beautiful, funny, Irish girl who seeks adventure always. Can relax all day, then party all night like you would never believe. Loves deeply and will make you laugh always. Loves kids and wants to have many! Strives for success and will be rich as an adult. keelens are so hilarious and weird in a good way. They are also very smart and hardworking. U need to let Keelens know that u like her cuz she likes u too, but u have to make ur move and make it apparent. Keelens love to cuddle and be silly with guys! Keelen's love to play soccer and watch football! Watch out, keelen's are hot! They also can hang with the guys but always be super close with their girlfriends. They hate drama, and are sometimes in the midlsld, but always try to end it, and are never a rumor spreader.
by kikikeeks February 22, 2015
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