Sweet. Amazingly sweet. Richly overflowing with sweetness in general.
Guy 1: Did you see that run by Reggie Bush?
Guy 2: Yeah! It was totally keegs!
Guy 1: Indeed. I think he's overrated, though.
Guy 2: Get serious.
by Chili Davis December 29, 2005
Top Definition
Norwegian word for a "posh" guy who plays on it, with showing it on purpose.
Translated to English:
Oh, check out the keegstahs over there, flashing their cabriolet.
by Frederich June 13, 2007
The word keeg /kig/ is an English word, but is used in most languages in it's original form.
Basically, keeg is the opposite of geek. Geek, meaning a person who is more than capable of handling a modern computer, is sometimes used in a negative meaning, giving the humiliated a not-positive response. That response is often given by persons who don't understand that the computer is tomorrow's basic.
However, keeg can be used for more than meaning "not geek". It can in fact be used for almost everything. That's because people can agree with each other what the word geek actually means. Some asserts it means a person with no friends but his PC. Other claims the geeks are our society's most-wanted for modern jobs, and therefore fabulous people.
"Yesterday I solved the problem with my computer. It was an L99 stationed in the main C, but my teacher couldn't figure it out by himself. He is such a keeg!"

"I hate geeks! They're such nerds! To be a keeg, like me, is the best."
by Lingua August 07, 2006
1. Opposite of a geek
2. A stylish and posh person
-"All the characters in Gossip Girl are such keegs!"

-"Stop whinig, geek."
by t3rj3 July 04, 2010
Excellent, Superb, Sweet
"That pimp jacket is keegs! It's the tits!"

Person A - "Have you ever met that dude Hogie?"
Person B - "I certainly have, he's keegs!"
Person A - "No doubt"
by Mark Gubicza December 29, 2005
Opposite of Geek; not limited to just geek related material.

Keeg has been used in a sense of knowing "more" than that of a geek where as a geek would know "just" of computers and nothing else while the keeg would know computers and more of related items.

Keeg is also related to Posh which is also known as classy or sophisticated which also relates to the top meaning.

Keeg can also be compared to being stylish, outstanding and above average than that of normalcy.
That keeg did a great job on my office! He not only repaired my computer but also consulted with me on other office related items!

That dress makes her look very keeglike!
by Professor Clarkson November 16, 2011
The opposite of a geek.
Man, that construction worker is such a keeg.
by Eric November 24, 2003
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