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An educational institution, existing mainly for the purpose of producing freakishly brutal footballers. General student populous would consist of the following percentages:

Those Kiwis, Islanders, and the white kids with no necks (Footballers) - 80%
The really obtrusively loud kids that hang out in the art or PA block and sing (Art students) - 7%
The quiet ones that you just know one day are going to take over the world... usually via some form that will feed their sick pyromaniac tenancies (The Science Kids) - 5%
The kids that are always entered in those competitions that they excel at but just end up making everyone else look stupid (math and english students) - 5%
The ones that never seem to be at class.... are they even still enrolled? (the waggers) - 20% (some overlap with the football kids)
Ibis - 1%
Hey, let's play 'Spot the white kid' over at Keebra! I FOUND ONE! Nope, that's just an ibis.
by Caitlin-Dee McNificent March 08, 2009
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