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One who spits bullshit to two people about how much he or she likes another person.
1-"Yeah man, I really do like her, its just i think she should text me first sometimes... I mean, if she cared then she would."
2-"Yean.. but you are the guy, you should initiate it.."
1-"I guess you're right. Let's go see her tonight."
2-"She lives way too far away to go at midnight.."
1-"I don't know man, I just, I really feel like we should go see her tonight... I really like her"
2-"Then text her."
1-"She needs to text me first"
2-..."Talk to her in school"
1-"Yeah, idk, i dont really feel like it.."
2-"Fuck you!"
(Person 1 is an example of a kazoomer)
by cmanley0012 January 30, 2010
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