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Defined as an all rounder person; funny, bubbly, caring and very pretty. Majority of the time "Kayon's" are outgoing and always there when you need them. They are always up for a laugh and have a naughty side. They have a secret talent that they don't believe is good enough, but it is actually amazing. Great personality and a friend you always want to have.
LMAO who is that?
Oh its just Kayon, she's a joker.


Dont be sad, Kayon will know what to do.
by Obeyy_me. November 23, 2012
Javanese for the "tree of life and creation"

In the beginning there was a beautiful Kayon.
by Kayon W. November 18, 2006
kayon - guy in stm 6th form, more commonly pronounced crayon
kayon you are a crayon
by whothef***cares April 25, 2005