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An Indian name which is less common than most Indian names; usually confused with Kaushik; is derived from the name of Queen Kaushalya, the mother of Rama (according to Hindu lore); in terms of etymology, Kaushal can mean "smart" or "clever."
Some dude: Hey look, it's Kaushal!

Kaushal: Hello.
by Kaushal A. March 16, 2009
An uncommon Indian/Hindi name that means skill. Can be found in many different places and languages in India. Usually an awesome, fun, and/or really chill person.
Sombody: Hi Kaushal.
Kaushal: Hey there.
by thatrandomindianguy July 13, 2010
Someone who is naturally gifted at being a good cinematographer,great if works hard.
you have a good eye for good frames,you are kaushal.
by DOP February 03, 2013
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