A muse crazy girl that will do a dance in the drink isle of the grocery store when buying sippy packs for her child.
Put your hands in the air and wave that round like ya just don't care she's Katrina.

She swings from here to there, she's got sippy packs, makes you stop a stair she's Katrina.
by despensablecokehead December 15, 2009
She is amazing will tell you when your wrong, and gives you a smirk when your right. She is every intelligent, and is easy to trust. When born with a other half (twin) in early life she strived for more independence but soon realized that she missed her blood. She is beautiful with her long hair. Has her own style but, wants to be more comfortable than anything. Hard worker, and she makes she that she is recognized for. She is loved by everyone, she try's to love everyone but really love's the real people with a good heart.
Katrina means purity she may not think of her self as such, and will compare herself to other, but to first know if something is pure you have to check if it is dirty.
by 8stotheb September 06, 2014
One for the books, this category 5 hurricane has shredded the gulf coast, ranking 4th strongest storm in the US's recorded history with sustained winds rushing beyond 175 mph.
Katrina swallowed my house last night.
by deplemisher August 29, 2005
In German it means Pure, Katrina's tend to kick some ass and don'd stand any bullshit, they protect their friends and are typically rebels and/or emo. Mostly Bipolar and when she has her time of the month, put her behind bars and throw candy in. Sometimes bi-sexual and gets anyone they want.
"Damn, Katrina really stands up for her friends"

"Katrina looks angry, lets get out of here!"
by KookiMonstr December 02, 2014
Beautifully formed, nice ass and huge boobs. A girl boys lust after, gorgeous in every way. Amazing eyes that can dazzle anyone with just one look. Plump red lips and rosy cheeks make her look irresistible. Whoever has a Katrina as a girlfriend is one lucky guy. Kind, caring and breath taking in the bedroom. A Katrina knows exactly how to please her man.
Guy: darn look at that body, she looks like a goddess . Her name must be Katrina. I'd fuck her all night long.
by Stanley B February 02, 2013
A hurricane with a great personality, She wrecks everything, but would be the next good name for a Kardashian, Beautiful (sometimes) ugly (Sometimes) bold personality, loves to laugh, and has a good booty.
Katrina: I look like a potato
Tom: wow that's a very Katrina potato then
(5 minutes later)
Katrina: I LOVE YOU TOM!!!
Tom: I love you, Katrina.
by Chimi10165 October 11, 2015
A name completely tarnished by that god damn hurricane.
Heya, my names katrina
by anonymouslad110 February 07, 2013
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