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(male) has the swag of a gentleman. Nice guy. Enjoys looking classy. Usually smart, attractive. "Brushes" problems off his shoulders. People who call him "the whitest person they know" are haters trying to crush this man's magnificent swag. Enjoys listening to artist like Usher and Ne-Yo. Person usuallay has a nick name. When it comes to girls, he kniows how to give them a good time.
Man, Katriel's swag is unstoppable.
by KJGM14 February 07, 2011
11 9
The hottest girl ever, typically plays hard to get and whines that she's not pretty even when she is the most loyal person ever but also the most sweetest person ever, the name Katriel just defines the hottest girl in the world never a bitch always a sweetheart usually likes guys with the name jack, Daniel, Carter, Tyler, Shawn, Christian, David, Christopher, Ben, James, and Tyler
by Dream guy October 14, 2013
2 5
Typically a rude person who tends to not care about close friends. Usually a bitch and makes friends to his convenience not that of a friend. Generally good In relationships but not loyal.
Your another Katrielw
by Popppppp December 29, 2010
8 13