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Sorry you all feel that way, but I like my name and defs, and there isn't anything you can do about it.
Whiny crying little children.
by Katopolis April 01, 2005
Oh cute Katherine. Sheesh!
And now let's see what's going on in North Beach. How about a quick drinkie at Tosca?
by Scary-Fairy March 19, 2005
Katopolis? More like Kuntopolis. Sheesh. This isn't even funny anymore.
You really need to go to the Free Clinic in the Haight and have your meds checked.
by NNB March 19, 2005
Black Kat's alter-ego. Aka, me. :D
Good thing I'm bored with this name, too. :p Good thing I've been using my newest name more.
by Katopolis March 14, 2005
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