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Pronounced 'Cat-Core'. A cloth used in Gujarati-Indian households. The literal translation is cloth. Usually a white dishcloth, but sometimes it is found as a colourful, spongy, very absorbant cloth. A Katko would normally be used to wipe surfaces clean. A katko is normally kept at the sink area of a kitchen, sometimes draped over the tap, to allow it to dry.
*Child wipes the table and placemats with a katko and leaves it on the side, before he leaves the kitchen the mum would say 'Pass the katko' while washing dishes.*

'Mum's asked me to clean the table, get me a katko'

*Boy goes to sink to find no katko present*
Boy: 'Mum, where's the katko?'
Mum: 'I used it to wipe the door, so I threw it away, get a new one, theyre under the sink'
Boy: 'I can't find them, they're not there'
Mum: 'Get a new pack from the store, I think the new ones are quite big, cut them in half so they'll last longer'
by Dubra-Boy December 02, 2010

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