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Another word for vomit/sick. Commonly used amongst young asian teenagers as a slang alternative for vomit. Can also be used to describe a bad smell.
Example 1;
Boy and Girl walk into clothes shop;
Boy: 'Geez, it smells like ulti in here'
Girl: 'Yuk, thats a disgusting smell'

Example 2;
Son: 'Dad, pull over, I feel sick, I think i'm going to throw up'
Dad: 'Oh no, please don't do ulti in my car'
by Dubra-boy November 29, 2010
Pronounced 'Cat-Core'. A cloth used in Gujarati-Indian households. The literal translation is cloth. Usually a white dishcloth, but sometimes it is found as a colourful, spongy, very absorbant cloth. A Katko would normally be used to wipe surfaces clean. A katko is normally kept at the sink area of a kitchen, sometimes draped over the tap, to allow it to dry.
*Child wipes the table and placemats with a katko and leaves it on the side, before he leaves the kitchen the mum would say 'Pass the katko' while washing dishes.*

'Mum's asked me to clean the table, get me a katko'

*Boy goes to sink to find no katko present*
Boy: 'Mum, where's the katko?'
Mum: 'I used it to wipe the door, so I threw it away, get a new one, theyre under the sink'
Boy: 'I can't find them, they're not there'
Mum: 'Get a new pack from the store, I think the new ones are quite big, cut them in half so they'll last longer'
by Dubra-Boy December 02, 2010
Another word for cold used commonly in many asian households. The literal translation is 'cold.'
'Whats the weather like today?'
'Its tandhak'

'Put the heating on, its tandhak in this house!'

*Boy walks into room wearing a hat, scarf, gloves and his winter coat*
Mum: 'You look tandhak'

*Boy sees his mum curled up, in the corner of the sofa, wrapped in blankets*
Boy: 'Tandhak?'
Mum: 'Very tandhak.'
by Dubra-Boy December 02, 2010
A word used to describe a group of dirty, scratty and generally unclean people. Often used as an insult to a family. Can also be used as a general word for the dislike of something or someone.
Girl1 and Girl2 come home after visiting their friend Ann;

Girl1: 'We're never going to Ann's house ever again'

Girl3: 'Why? Whats so bad?'

Girl1: 'The hand towels were sticky, the kitchen sink was brown and there was food all over the kitchen floor'

Girl2: 'She made me a cup of tea, and there was bits floating ontop'

Girl3: 'Geez, they sound like right dubras in that house'

Girl2: 'Yeah, theyre all dubras.'
by Dubra-boy December 02, 2010

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