A whore, claims is wonderful person but isnt. Lowkey dated a stupid ugly fat guy. Her boyfriend secretly likes someone else. Can't brush her damn hair so ends up looking like a lion. Gets in relationship faking shes happy for her friends but actually could give less of a fuck. Tries so hard to act like the greatest person so she can be popular when she's actually a low life bitch with no ass or boobs. Looks like a goddamn fish in reality and pictures.
"Yo look at that fish, it reminds me of kathy" "Damn this toothpick looks like Kathy" "Kathys boyfriend likes the new girl in class since that girl actually has ASS and BOOBS"
by .Your_Mom. May 20, 2016
Kathy. A girl with straight teeth, has bangs, and lives with Chow-chow.
-- That girl has nice teeth!

I know! She's a Kathy.
by hayycutiepie February 09, 2010
An american/irish name for girls. Not used alot in this century. Can also be spelled Cathy.
The young woman named her baby Kathy
by Kathy =P August 28, 2006
An ass who enjoys humping and raping people including her own grandmother and especially ppl named Carla.
person- Wow what an ass!
person 2- Great, another kathy.

Person- That person is an ass.
person2- what? another kathy?
by corla sheep September 18, 2011
A type of person who starts drama for no apparent reason. They seem to love drama, even though they complain about it non-stop.
Girl 1; What is up with that girl?!

Girl 2; I have NO idea, but she is DEFINITLEY a kathy. All she does is start drama!

Girl 1; True dat.
by sake(: October 23, 2009
a freak, that does not fart and has problems that nead to be worked out with a profeshional.
"You are acting a little weird, do you feal like a Kathy?"
by Kathlein January 12, 2008
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