Kathy. A girl with straight teeth, has bangs, and lives with Chow-chow.
-- That girl has nice teeth!

I know! She's a Kathy.
by hayycutiepie February 09, 2010
An american/irish name for girls. Not used alot in this century. Can also be spelled Cathy.
The young woman named her baby Kathy
by Kathy =P August 28, 2006
An ass who enjoys humping and raping people including her own grandmother and especially ppl named Carla.
person- Wow what an ass!
person 2- Great, another kathy.

Person- That person is an ass.
person2- what? another kathy?
by corla sheep September 18, 2011
A type of person who starts drama for no apparent reason. They seem to love drama, even though they complain about it non-stop.
Girl 1; What is up with that girl?!

Girl 2; I have NO idea, but she is DEFINITLEY a kathy. All she does is start drama!

Girl 1; True dat.
by sake(: October 23, 2009
a freak, that does not fart and has problems that nead to be worked out with a profeshional.
"You are acting a little weird, do you feal like a Kathy?"
by Kathlein January 12, 2008

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