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A woman who has been through it and come out on top. A woman who does so much for others that she forgets to do for herself at times. The woman I wake up next to and the woman who makes sure that my every need is met. Kathleen the mother of my children, the light of my life, the only woman who has my heart.
friend 1- Dude are you happy?

Dude- Hell yeah, I have my Kathleen.
by herhusband June 17, 2009
a word used to describe a girl that dances like a dirty hoe.
Person A- so did u dance with anyone today?
Person B- Yeah i had a Kathleen...
Person A- DAMN! Go take a shower filthy ass.
by Someguy123456 June 12, 2007
A girl who camel toes in all of her senior pics.
Kathleen: "Do you like my senior pics?"

Person: "Ummmmm... You're kind of..."
Kathleen"What's wrong with them?"
Person: "Your fucking Kathleen is in everyone of them and I wanna puke!!!"
Kathleen: "What?? Why??"
by SexyPeaCOCK9058035 May 06, 2009
a crazy mofo from fourth floor notorious for wearing pimp furs and spandex. favorite activities include partying like a rock star, mothering Santa's babies, freaking out boys from Sorin, speaking Greek and Latin, and straight chillin'.
Kathleen hates Easy Mac. It creeps her out.
by Katie Peralta January 04, 2008
Where you bring a girl home drunk from the bar, when she passes out you take her underwear off and shit in it. After, you put them back on her, and when she wakes up, she thinks she shit her pants.
Dude i totally Kathleened that bitch last night.
by Johnathon smithey September 26, 2007