a very annoying, facebook hot girl. she is a hypocrite. a very slutty girl, who loves wearing bedazzled belts, with trashy shorts and shirts. she uses push up bras 24/7. probably not confident with herself. is a texting whore, has thousands of facebook friends, but only a few real friends away from facebook.
"hey alex" says katelyn
"do i know you?" says alex.
"yeah i think i know but i dont know for sure." katelyn replies.
"yeah i think you friend requested me.." says alex.
by heheheheheheheh ha October 21, 2011
An all out amazing girl. typicly with brown hair and bright blue eyes. she can be shy, but around the people shes close to she can be absaloutly histarical. she has good friends that love her to death. she loves her family more than anything. she beutiful amazing and sexy. But she young at heart and somtimes she wants to do it all over again. when she dosent have a boyfriend she may seem happy but inside shes the lonleyist girl ever. shes hopelessly romantic and loves taking pictures. she may seem happy but shes good at hideing her true feelings, so don`t be fooled. but she still is one of the greatest people you could ever meet
she seems perfect
thats why her names katelyn
by woahyoyooyo January 09, 2012
A girl, that is a WONDERFUL friend & is always there for you when you need her! You can trust her with everything & she is sooo strong! She has a good personality & always is there for you when you need her no matter what! Oh yeah, she likes pickle dick & scooters;)

love you Kate:)
hey katelyn!
by Brennalin March 30, 2011
an extremely cute & amazing Panda bear. She is funny, intelligent, charming, oh and a huge dork ;)
She is one of a kind..... yeppers, a total katelyn =)
by B ran d0n9 August 08, 2010
A bitch who tries to steal your boyfriend just because she can because shes the biggest slut in the school.
"Katelyn was hitting on Kyle today and he acted like I was crazy when I pointed it out"
by Queenbitch March 22, 2012
a girl that thinks she knows eveything. usually has a 5 head and has no friends!
oh my gosh! that girl over there is katelyn borrell!!
by katelyn borrell December 29, 2011
A smelly whore that begs for attention. She's a nasty skank. She's really bad at whatever she does, and she has a nasty high pitched annoying as fuck voice.
Ew, that girl is such a Katelyn...Gross.
by aaanooonyyymooousss October 08, 2011

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