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A Katelyn is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is funny, cool, and is completely gorgeous. She has the best personality in the world and absolutely amazing. If you ever know a Katelyn you're lucky, if you ever get to date one, you're blessed by God. Don't ever lose a Katelyn.
Hey that Katelyn girl is amazing.

Katelyn is so beautiful!

I love Katelyn because she's the coolest and most amazing girl I know.
by That one guy with the hand. May 27, 2011
66 116
A girl, that is a WONDERFUL friend & is always there for you when you need her! You can trust her with everything & she is sooo strong! She has a good personality & always is there for you when you need her no matter what! Oh yeah, she likes pickle dick & scooters;)

love you Kate:)
hey katelyn!
by Brennalin March 30, 2011
72 128
an extremely cute & amazing Panda bear. She is funny, intelligent, charming, oh and a huge dork ;)
She is one of a kind..... yeppers, a total katelyn =)
by B ran d0n9 August 08, 2010
57 114
An all out amazing girl. typicly with brown hair and bright blue eyes. she can be shy, but around the people shes close to she can be absaloutly histarical. she has good friends that love her to death. she loves her family more than anything. she beutiful amazing and sexy. But she young at heart and somtimes she wants to do it all over again. when she dosent have a boyfriend she may seem happy but inside shes the lonleyist girl ever. shes hopelessly romantic and loves taking pictures. she may seem happy but shes good at hideing her true feelings, so don`t be fooled. but she still is one of the greatest people you could ever meet
she seems perfect
thats why her names katelyn
by woahyoyooyo January 09, 2012
32 95
A girl with an amazing ass. Her ass is generally round, tight, and looks like a semi-circle on to of her legs. These girls are also generally fairly tanned.
Holy fuck, Katelyn looks hot in those jeans!
by PittsburgPenguins1988 June 08, 2010
67 133
Usually a blond. A little on the special side, and is usually left out of jokes between others, because she "Don't get it." She is attracted to men and women, but don't care what others think. She thinks the most attracted girls are Alex and the most attracted boys are Joshua.
Alex or Joshua: Katelyn you're so fine, I want you to be mine.
by BMXjosh May 24, 2009
122 212
A beautiful amazing girl who loves kids cartoons, she loves all the Japanese anime guys, and is stubborn.

She loves Gir, Pokemon and loves Jay jays.

Katelyn also is very smart, and so fun to hang out with.
Oh Katelyn, she is just so outgoing, she is the best friend you could ever have
by Stephen Glover November 23, 2011
10 105