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The future Queen of England.
Kate Middleton is definitely an upgrade in the House of Windsor compared to the likes of Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall.
by Matt Weller February 05, 2011
The On/OFF girlfriend and bedroom buddy of Prince William.

She is rather fond of holidays and waiting around for her boyfriend to propose. Doesnt really seem to know what real work is either.

Last seen on the PP website.

Check out Kate Sycophants for more on Kate .
"Kate Middleton." has failed to get herself a proper job.
by Kate Middleton's no 1 fan. April 03, 2010
The soon to be pretty damn hot queen of england, and by far the hottest member of the english royal family
Kate Middleton, the term posh wank just got a whole new meaning
by rob_96 April 28, 2011
Wife-to-be of Prince William, also very hot.

Soon to be the world's first QILF..
Billy: Kate Middleton, I sooo would.

Steve: Lay off dude, she's a QILF. Dangerous..
by Roopadoop January 23, 2011
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