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A Feline (Cat) is put up into a hard tight shell (blanket) and is hung from a hook or just put on the floor. when the cat emerges from this "shell" it is called a katurfly.
Andrew: Ill get my video camera hold that katurfly in tell i get back!
Willy: WTF k bai
Landon: ROFLCOPTER its a katcoon lets eat it.
Willy: not till andrew gets back.
landon: K ill get some popcorn to watch the roflnmayonase shao.
Conner: Warts up guys *hick*
Landon pushed conner off a bridge. conner falls into a sea of matressess.
Andrew: its beutefulz
landon: CHOW TIME
willy: SOI SOI SOI
by lolrus abuser May 14, 2008

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