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A girl who is every bit crazy but is a amazing friend. Don't mess with katanna or she will most likely mess up your face. Katanna's are a rare breed and if you can find a girl as amazing as her then your lucky because there is no one better at being a friend . Katanna's are usually red heads or brunettes and are extremely pretty and have beautiful eyes. She is adventurous and isn't afraid to go cliff- diving or parachuting. She looks danger in the eyes and couldn't be more brave. She also is the best person to take to a party. If you can find a katanna then you are a very lucky person.
Person 1: Wow did you see that girl beat the sh*t out of that guy?!

Person 2: Yea that was katanna.
#beautiful #brave #crazy #fun #amazing
by Crazedandfree November 18, 2013
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a very cool way to say that "i want to fuck you" without actually giving a straight form of the word "fuck"
come to my house tonight and i'll katanna you
#katana #sword #fuck #sex #polite.
by littletowin July 14, 2008
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