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a sweet, caring girl. most people mistreat her and think she's mean but really no one has ever sat down and had a chat with her and find out who she really is. great personality, great talent. always thinks of others before herself. amazing body, big butt ;) probably that type of girl that doesn't have that much boyfriends, she waits til the right one appears. likes to play video games, and does a lot of guy stuff but that's what makes her so damn attractive. you'll never meet a girl like this. you'll be in love with her after you really meet her.
Boy #1- Kassy is such an amazing girl.

Boy #2- Not to mention she's hot!
Boy #1- Hell yeah she is, damn I want her so bad
Boy #2- Me too dawg, me too
by tuti86 July 05, 2009
Everyone's Best Friend. She loves life and knows how to rock is an amazing listener and puts others first. She knows how to dance and is a little bit crazy. she is super cool but doesnt act full of herself. she loves you!! She is also super classy and has a funny laugh.
WOw that girl just made a kassy!

She is so Kassy!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
biggest slut in the known universe. known for using people
girl "ew who's that?"
girl2 "that's kassy"
girl "ewwww"
by khdsfhfdfg October 09, 2011
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