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To sleep, pronounced cer-snooz-all ( I think) sometimes mis-pronounced cer-snozz-all which I'm sure you will agree with me sounds silly. It has been known for kasnoozle to be delayed by pesky dads planting plastic insects in your bed to scare you. This is best countered by shaking your fist at them and growling "Oh Yeah!"

Kasnoozle is best enjoyed while wearing jim jams apparently , this claim is yet to be proven, I believe it is highly doubtful.

First entered into mainstream usage on the 11th of December 2006
Also a pungent smell.
Some cool person - "better go kasnoozle"

Slightly less cool person - "are you just making this up?"

Some cool person - "yeh i made that one up"


Fred - "Crikey, that pandas feet are giving off a right Kasnoozle!"
by Vanessa W December 11, 2006
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