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The mixed fear of balding or skeletal-like figures standing in a classroom with/without dry lips expressing "thanks" whilst on a cellular device.
EXAMPLE 1: The man soon realized, after getting nervous many a time from balding, skeletal-like people standing around him thanking him with their dry lips in a classroom, that he had kashubaphobia.
EXAMPLE 2:"Sit down! You're making me nervous!" said Bill.
"Hey calm down man. Don't let your kashubaphobia take control!" John yelled quickly.
by Liz x Lethal February 07, 2007
Fear of chickens, skeletons, balding people, dry lips, and people standing in a classroom.
That person must have Kashubaphobia, they just ran crying when they saw a bald person with dry lips standing in a classroom holding the skeleton of a chicken.
by Riznie February 06, 2007
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