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Also known as Teto Kasane, she was the first UTAUloid released for the UTAU software. She was released as an april fools joke used to trick people into thinking that she was a VOCALOID . She has pink drill locks for hair and wears a school-like uniform with boots. Her voicebankcomes from Mayo Oyamano, a former voice actress. Teto is a chimera. She is 31 years old in chimera years, and 15.5 human years (She is most often depicted in her human form). Her character itemm is bread, for it is her favorite food. She is often depicted to be very innocent, and as a tsudere .
Kasane Teto is most known and debut song is "Kasane territory", also called "Teto Territory".
by I8MyCuppycakes October 22, 2010
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