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A Vodka Soda with ice.
What would you like with your supper? I'll have a Karl Malden.
by King Festus September 12, 2005
A variation on the classic "mooning" prank, wherein the penis and scrotum are shoved out the back, creating a vague resemblance to large-nosed actor Karl Malden.
When the truck-driver refused to honk his horn for us, Mark gave him Karl Malden.
by Arnold Peterson August 03, 2004
When, in the act of performing a rim job on your female partner, you suddenly insert your nose deep into her pussy and forcefully exhale through your nostils, creating an artificial queefer of biblical proportions.
The Karl Malden is best performed in the summer time when your nostrils are unclogged.
by Euesblue102 July 17, 2006
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