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The Kansas City Cum Swap or KCCS for short is a high-level, two-part procedure taking approximately seven days and three people (2 male, 1 female) to complete. The first part involves two men having rough anal sex. At the point of climax the pitcher pulls out and ejaculates into the mouth of the catcher. The catcher then spits the semen into the mouth of the pitcher who then performs a "reverse felch" in which he blows the semen back into the anus of the catcher using a silly straw. This must all be done quickly as the anus of the catcher is (as required for the second step) badly bruised and will swell shut. After seven days (and a steady diet of anti-diarrheal medication) the catcher's anus finally relaxes and prolapses at which point he uses it like a dildo and sticks it into the vagina of the female. Once it is fully inserted the male then farts with enough force to fully expel the semen (and generous amounts of fecal matter) while simultaneously the female performs a "reverse queef" to suck the babybatter into her ovaries with the hopes of producing a healthy dbox offspring.
Bob: So last Summer Martha and I vacationed in Truck Stop, Missouri and did a Kansas City Cum Swap with a trucker named Jim.

Dave: No wonder your son is such a fuckin dbox.
by Lord069 August 23, 2011
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