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Kanecia is the most best cousin ever, she is funny and crazy. you can tell her anything and she will NEVER tell it to anyone. She has the personality that can turn a whole room into sunshine:). she is the most lovable people you can meet. she always keep it real 25/8 being her cousin is a experience because we are so much alike like sisters she's my best friend, cousin, journal, secret keeper, pillow, right hand. if anything anybody is lucky too have her!!!!!!!. she is a very amazing, talented, optimistic person. i Love you Kimmiee and you are my everything ill beat sommeee Monkey ass for You Babee:)
I love you Kanecia and youre my best friend.

Youre very weird and talented just like me.!
by Tbabieee April 08, 2013
Kanecia is a very very very very very crazy girl, weird, nerdy, and bipolar. and LOVES chocolate her favorite is snickers. she has the potential to light up the whole room. she is HILARIOUS and SILLY and GOOFY but you have to love her.
Kanecia Is My Best Friend
by Tbabieee April 08, 2013
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