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I can't believe nobody has posted anything about this girl yet. I mean, she's amazing, funny, loud, and even has a random geeky side to her. Yet it's her beautiful outside that hides all that. You need to talk and get intimate with this girl to know that. No matter what, ugly, unattractive etc. aren't even words that fit in with the other adjectives used to describe this girl. She always looks sexy no matyer what she has on...even if ahe dosen't have anything on lol. Kamice I hope if you're reading this you realize how clichè it must be for a guy to put his girlfriend's name on UrbanDictionary. But then you understand how much I like spending time together with you. Out of all the ones I are the best girlfriend're Mi Micy. :D
by KLRKLRxINSTNCT April 28, 2013
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