A nasty sick pervert who spends his time pretending to be cool when actually he is a huge nerd who will never get laid.
Man that guy is such a Kameron.
by SantaBawlz April 20, 2011
Top Definition
A very sexy male
"DAMN! He could be a Kameron!"
by Riska August 27, 2008
The nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's a little shy but knows exactly what to say to make you smile. He loves saying things in spanish. He's tall, dark, handsome, with just the right amount of weird =)
I think im falling for him, he's such a Kameron <3
by mrs.charming October 13, 2010
The most bad ass pirate you'll ever meet.
He's more hardcore than Chuck Norris and Jet Li.
He really hates fat people, Especially named Dillon.
Riddick once punched a man in the throat, Kameron took a mans wind pipe and made it into a blow dart gun and shot the mans mother...yeah, he's that bad ass

Better put down the cake tubby, or Kameron will slit your wrists...VERTICALLY!
by That_Guy22 October 15, 2008
a name that can be used for people or animals, regardless of gender. can be spelled many different ways. made popular by some celebrities in the 90's and now ex. Kirk Cameron, Candice Cameron, Cameron Manheim. usually the more popular children have this name. spelled many different ways (Kameryn), (Cameron), (Camerin), (Camiron), etc.
Kameron is so cool, I hope I get to talk to him at the football game.
by Laura aka Deebo September 08, 2008
A dark skinned boy who plays basketball and is a player. Once he likes this girl and tell his friends about her and that she`s so pretty. She finds out she likes him, so she gives him his number they text but then after awhile he suddenly just stops texting this girl and moves on to another girl. He is immature. He`s nice but can be shady.
Kameron: No worries this girl won`t notice
Friend: Okay..
Kameron: I know I`m the bait! I can get any girl I want.

Later on..
Girl: *Crying*
by SweetTart210945 November 16, 2011
The sexiest male ever. loves food but is skinny, has the best girlfriend ever- she is so hot and gorgeous, loves baseball, and video gaming. and he is so boss
damn he is such a kameron
by mr. awesome3497 March 16, 2015
An amazing metal-head with long, kinda curly brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes that are usually framed by glasses. He's unexpectedly sweet, romantic, funny and caring with nerdy qualities, such as loving video games, Pokemon and being an Eagle Scout. He's a talented musician that plays bass guitar, some regular guitar and cello. His voice is also sweet, melodic and is really music to the ears, aside from when he does inhale screams while singing in his band. He enjoys going to metal concerts and can be quite fun to be around. He's the greatest boyfriend anyone could ever ask to have.
I know I'm lucky to have him. I love you, Kameron. <3
by Angelic_Paramour June 04, 2011
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