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Sexy, Attractive, good in bed, stylish.
A chick.
Damn, that Kameko was GOOD last night.
by kameko January 25, 2008
36 11

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A beautiful girl with a kind heart. She loves animals and people. Although she may seem cruel, she is a very nice and friendly person. Don't listen to rumors. She will help anyone that comes to her for it, and won't ask for anything in return. She is a good therapist. Has pretty eyes and an amazing smile that would make you melt. If you ever meet one, never let her go. You won't regret it. Having one around means lots of fun in your life.

A Girl that is: Funny, Kind, Pretty, (on the inside) and fun. She looks for a guy that is kind, a goof, smart, and friendly.
Kameko is amazing! She's fun to have as a friend.
by Anonymoooussusus June 17, 2013
11 1