Top Definition
1-Only the most lovable girl ever.
2-A beautiful example of the feminine species.
1-You're my Kalynn.
2-Oh, she's such a Kalynn.
by Carlos Hierro August 28, 2008
A beautiful girl with amazing style. A girl who is down to do anything. Loves to go out every weekend, or can stay home and relax with her boyfriend. She's a really good flirt but when it comes down to being in a serious relationship, she is committed to make her man happy! She's amazing in the bed shhhh don't tell Kalynn's i said that! She's always down to try something new. I suggest you guys go find you a Kalynn!
Girl: Did you see what Kalynn is wearing today? It's totally cute!

Boy: Dude, look at the girl, shes sexy!!!!
by Princess Ginaaaaaaaa April 11, 2012
A word to describe the best person ever. This person is amazing to be around and drop dead gorgeous. They will make your life better.
Friend 1- "Dude, I just met a KaLynn."

Friend 2- "Wow, don't lose her."
by Friends5ever April 28, 2013
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