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p'n - Pronounciation Key: Kul-p-anna

A very sweet, naive, kind, beautiful and innocent girl, who sings very beautifully.
Kalpana Perwani, herself.
by Adeel Ali Qureshi February 15, 2005
Huge masculine man who is as huge as hulk and good looking as thor.
Thor, Hulk

Kalpana carried a lorry
by Jasonstatham January 21, 2013
Kalpana means Illusion. As a name for women, it connotes a shallow, manipulative character that is devoid of emotion and ability to connect with others. They value shiney objects. Selfish and petty, they are financially driven and can superficial, relying on deceit to obtain what they desire.
"I really thought she was a nice person, yet I realized quickly she was a Kalpana."
by mimi406 February 03, 2010
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