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the most perfect, funny, beautiful, gorgeous, hilarious as fuck, best person on earth.
Kalliopi is the most trustworthy person ever. The best cousin ever.
Kalliopi is a person you could tell anything.
Kalliopi is a type of girl that hates watermelon.
Kalliopi is a girl that attracts all the guys.
Kalliopi also goes by the name of Kalli.
Kalliopi loves to swear.
Kalliopi is forgetful.
She is a great Bestfriend or sister.
She is popular.
She has a friend Lauren that is a bitch to her.
Kalliopi is someone you can't describe , because there is too much great and wonderful things about her.
Kalliopi is the best cousin I could ever have. :)
Kalliopi is the best person you could ever meet!
by Kalliopi's cousin :) May 17, 2014
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