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One Independent girl.Not the prettiest flower in the garden but sure is the best. Very intelligent and can sing better than most people. Loves to dance big fan of animals and making new friends. Is more of a winter person an usually has very gorgeous eyes. Most Kalena's have acne because they like to run and don't sweat often and that turns ito bacteria. Kalena's are very romantic and will do anything for her loved ones. Most commonly a female name. Almost everyone would love to tap her. She flirts often but never notices it Kalena's are very seductive and can make almost anyone fall in love with her. Loves to make friends and loves it when she has a serious relationship with a boy she really like or loves! She is also usually very smart and a badass!
Max: Damn look at that Kalena girl I hope she likes me!

Chris: Nah man she's too god for any of us!

Kalena: Hi Chris hi Max whatcha talkin bout?

Max: you.

Kalena:oh really? What about me?

Max: I know your gonna say no but wanna go out?

Kalena: Umm, YEA TOTALLY!!!
by emoKisses13XxXx December 01, 2010
A girl's name when pronounced in Vietnamese, it closely sounds in translation to "clean house".
Kalena, a very cute Vietnamese girl attending pharmacy school, was told by her grandmother to clean the house. Her grandmother said "Kalena Kalena".
by rhnd September 26, 2006
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