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Shit hole in countryside Western Australia. Horrible place to live because people are dumb as doorknobs.
Man you're from Kalamunda aren't you!

You're so Kalamunda

Person 1: What is 2+2?
Person 2: I came from Kalamunda
Person 1: nuff said, go sit in the corner over there
by yayi'mcool October 10, 2008
3 26
the most amazing place to live ever!!! home to soooooooo many amazing people that all you losers who don't like it should go die in a hole of holy-ness and shame:) we have lots of cool stuff like trees, ice cream and retra vision. and yes we do have coles, woolworths and other NORMAL shops, and no we aren't a country side town, we are a semi-rural area:) and we were in the west australian the other day so suck on that all you boring places that are to loser-inhabited to be in the paper:)
Person 1: where do you live?

Person 2: i live in Kalamunda

Person 1: OMG im sooooooo jelous
by woopiemama May 11, 2011
8 2