A Kaitlyn is someone who is absolutely amazing. She is sweet and kind and will always care. Is a fighter for love but hates fighting in any other situation. Doesnt care what the hell anyone thinks because she knows she is beautiful inside and out. often brunette and brown eyed. Oh...and always smiling. And dont forget about those crazy faces :)
Person 1:Hey, who's that girl dancing in the hallway and smiling?
Person 2:Oh, that's definetly Kaitlyn.
by Sweetheart<3 November 12, 2010
A girl who is always down to have fun with her boyfriend. Words can not express how much beauty she possess, and every guy finds himself stumbling over words that he is trying to say to a Kaitlyn. When in the presence of a Kaitlyn, a guy will usually try to think of things to say that will either impress her, or make her think better of you. You can usually encounter a Kaitlyn hanging out with her friends and having an insane amount of fun doing it. Some of the things a Kaitlyn would do with her friends is just chill out, and laugh so hard that her tummy starts to hurt and then she has to take a break from laughing but still make a face letting her friends know that her tummy hurts but the moment is still really funny. A Kaitlyn always cares for her boyfriend, and she also loves it when her boyfriend rubs her tummy. On most occasions, a Kaitlyn will most definitely and completely love and adore her boyfriend's forehead, for some unknown reason that will most likely never be discovered. Usually, a Kaitlyn will go nuts about how good her boyfriend smells. A Kaitlyn likes a guy who cares for her, respects her, and treats her better than how anyone would want to be treated. When her boyfriend is in the midst of her presence, a Kaitlyn will feel somewhat like a princess. A Kaitlyn loves to go to the movies with her boyfriend a lot, and they usually both don't care what the movie is as long as it's a long movie and it's at nighttime ;)

For more information, see ♥ Steven
I'm going to the movies tonight with Kaitlyn!
Gosh darn...she is such a Kaitlyn!
Kaitlyn is totally obsessed of how much I smell good.
I love you Kaitlyn ♥
by ColoredKeyboard August 09, 2011
The most beautifully, amazing, gorgeous, sweet, caring girl that i know, my best friend, my whole heart, and the person i could be with for hour and be happy to do absolutely nothing as long as its with her. Normally has a red sunrise shade hair, and deep enchanting eyes. The TAPE that hold me together.
Wow, look at kaitlyn! shes so beautiful!
by Da Glue June 21, 2011
A girl who is awesome, cool, grateful, hot and has a whole lot of self-confidence. She will be cool with almost anything. If you mess with her and push her too hard, she will make sure people know. Shes not a prude but has some common sence as to not put her self out there and be slutty. If you could date a Kaitlyn, you should totally get her before someone else does. Kaitlyns need someone to love and give their affection to, they love to cuddle and be alone with the person they like. Kaitlyns are usually smart, cool and not goody-goodies but they have a nerdy side and a rebel side and usually, a risque side. Kaityns are the best
#1.)Dude, why are you so happy?
#2.)I was just a the mall with Kaitlyn
#1.)No way! How'd you manage to get her?
by swagarific February 11, 2012
Kaitlyn: The most Beautiful person on the face of the planet. Her eyes have their own language that she only lets certain people learn. If you chose to be friends with her she'll love you forever. BUT. If you annoy her/ piss her off she'll use her Words Of Power (Skyrim Reference) to destroy you. She will do anything for her friends to keep them safe and well and expect nothing in return. If you manage to be the special person she Loves then prepare. Not for the worse. Prepare to be smashed with love. She is constantly trying to outdo you to prove she loves you more. She'll make fun and creative nick names for you such as Boo. If you chose to be her friend she'll be the most Amazing, Kindest, Beautiful, Cute, Fun, Exciting, Caring and Loving person you will ever meet.
Guy one: Woah did you see how that girl is behaving
Guy two: Yea, she must be a Kaitlyn
by SuperSmileySome1 March 25, 2014
A person who is sweet, loving, and sometimes a bit of a bitch
OOHHHHHH what a Kaitlyn

Oh what a Kaitlyn!
by Miku_Freak12543 August 15, 2011
Kaitlyn is thee hottest scene girl in the world(not emo, scene), super easy to talk to :) and listens to the best music evarr (hardcore/electronica/acoustic) c: if a guy knows her, he definitely likes her, whether or not he admits it. Overall, Kaitlyn is the most amazing girl ever.
dude im in love with Kaitlyn :3

haha dude no ur not you just met her

dude did you see kaitlyn's eyes???

yeah... ;D
by dopefornope June 15, 2011

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