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A wonderful band from Leeds, England which formed somewhere within the summer of 2003. The band includes Ricky Wilson (vocals), Nick Hodgson (drums/vocals), Andrew "Whitey" White (guitar), Nick "Peanut" Baines (keyboards), and Simon Rix (bass). See album "Employment" by Kaiser Chiefs for further information.
"It does not move me it's not the kind of thing that I like
Na Na Na Na Naa
Na Na Na Na Naa" --- Kaiser Chiefs "Na Na Na Na Naa" from the album "Employment"
by leeanne ess April 30, 2005
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A cool band from Leeds,UK whose album is called "Employment".
Every Day I love You Less And Less.....
Na na na naaaaa.....
I Predict A Riot....
by a_man_1066 June 23, 2005
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One of the greatest bands around, singers of one of the greatest songs of all time and quite possibly the greatest thing to come out of leeds since....well, the only remotely good thing to come out of leeds
by Tom (KC loyalist) July 12, 2006
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One of the greatest brit band alive, of course, along side many other bands. Better live and even better when you meet them. Straight up sweet hearts. May be known as weird, but that's just the way they are. Jokers at heart and wonderful fashion. Great singles and great albums (only two, more coming up). Band from Leeds, England
Poser girl:Oh yeah, whats that one band that sings that one song called? ruby? yeah, yeah, ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby!

K.C. Fan:The Kaiser chiefs??

Poser girl:Yeah, whatever, i heard it on the radio.

K.C. Fan:I dont think we should talk anymore.....
by bobba ganoosh May 13, 2008
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A "wacky" indie pop group from Leeds with about as much depth as the shallow end of a paddling pool. Were previously a garage rock group called Parva but became Kaiser Chiefs when they realised copying American rock wasn't earning them any fans or credibility. Hence, they decided to copy 90s Brit rock instead. Against all odds have become hugely popular, probably due to the fact the NME spent every other issue hyping them up. Consistently use amazing and often poignant lyrics to comment on everyday British life, such that would rival the wit of Morrissey eg "Cause we are birds of a feather and you can be the fat one" Despite their lack of song writing skills everyone seems to love them. Fans defend them because they are apparently just cheeky lads making good indie pop music, however, The Futureheads manage to do this far more brilliantly. Some may question the integrity of the band, especially when one reads that Ricky Wilson claims he would "wank of a tramp for success"
"ohhhh, and my parents love na na na na na na"
by oh stella July 03, 2005
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