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The wonderful state of being you feel for a few weeks after going on a Kairos retreat. During this time you often say the words "Live the fourth!" and talk to people about emotions a lot.
Guy 1: Hey have you seen Phil? Why is he so happy?

Guy 2: He's just feeling Kairotic after all of that Jesuit brainwashing, he'll calm down in a little while.
#love #kairos #jesuit #trust #live the fourth
by Tiroth October 09, 2011
Kairotic refers to the ability of oneself to time one's speech craft effectively and in a timely manner to satisfy the ultimate goal of getting laid.
Earl: Hey look, John has five women going home with him again!

Bob: Yeah I know, he told them he loves cats and they're all in PETA.
Earl: That Kairotic bastard!
#timing #rhetoric #pathos #logos #ethos
by Hobothegolfer February 18, 2010
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