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Kailen: Means "Mighty Warrior" in Irish. Fun loving, caring human being with a love for life and others. Excels in sports and personality.
personality, Kailen
by His Mommy, I love you K April 27, 2011
a guy who can be really nice but can also be an asshole. he changes his mind so often that its hard to keep up. he is suspected to be gay but definetly isn't. kailen is really funny and he has extremely curly hair! people say that he's as straight as his hair
girl 1: omg that guy is such a kailen! he keeps changing his mind
girl 2: well i kinda like him
by WhatTimeIsIt May 14, 2011
a giant diansaur with cancer
oh my gosh that cartoon character barney is such a kailen!
by Joseph leonardd May 25, 2005
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