A place where all the connivers live. No one knows the exact population of this place.
Tom and Dick connived Harry out of his fortune. They were in Kahoots (counting his money).
by Nancy January 17, 2004
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If your in Kahoots with someone you are scheming things with them.
"Ms.Tapley and Mr. Nichols are in Kahoots!"
by KAT WILCOX May 19, 2008
tOgether with each other and each other together
There in Kahoots againts me
by Benjamen January 02, 2004
Were two people are in a relationship
Steve and Sussy are in Kahoot
by john25 October 08, 2006
when two people are secretely engaging in sexual congress with eachother. The act of kahooting.
Arturo is in kahoots with half of the store

Are you two kahooting?
by Dr. D. Sanchez April 03, 2007
Where you treat everyone like their your best friend :)
Man what you did back there was so kahoots :)
by One hot babe August 12, 2009
Strip club chain in Columbus, OH, East Hartford, CT, Vernon Rockville, CT, and Manhattan, NY that also features a full menu of food and booze.
Time to go hit up kahoots! Don't eat at the strip club though! Titties and tator tots don't mix.
by joejoe32233455 July 08, 2009
detectives or seven people that r totally awsome except riley and austin so it is really five grls, well if you count them then seven grls
OMG i can't wait to join the kahoots!!!!!!!
by natalie root March 28, 2008

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